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Quick facts about Wunderly

  • Wunderly authenticates, certifies, appraises the value, dates, determines origin, researches provenance, researches archives, researches primary and secondary reference sources, checks ownership and stolen databases and reports, checks condition, restoration and integrity, evaluates quality, ranks the investment potential of paintings, provides advice and assistance about buying and selling paintings, drawings, sculptures, bronzes, prints, photos, antiques, ivory, rare books and antiquities.
  • Wunderly was established in 2007.
  • Clients include auctioneers, art galleries, antiques galleries, museums, colleges, churches, foundations, charitable institutions, historical societies, libraries, private buyers, private sellers, private investors, insurance companies, law firms, bank trust departments, mortgage lenders, art investment firms, fine art appraisers, fine art experts, Federal Agencies.

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