Art Services

Wunderly has provided art research services globally for the past 11 years. We combine our collective expertise and resources to research, authenticate and appraise paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures.


Art Research

Wunderly employs the largest team of art research specialists available anywhere in the world. Our art investigators are:

  • Located throughout the world.
  • Fluent in over 15 languages.
  • Possess special permission to research key museum and library archives daily, which allows them to:
  • Have access to the original papers, documents, letters, publications, and photos concerning an artist.


Art Identification and authentication

Wunderly specializes in determining whether or not your artwork is by a particular artist.

The methods of determining authenticity vary for each work of art, thus the experts we employ at Wunderly have a diverse range of specialties. Key backgrounds are: language, history, art history, specific artist history, art connoisseurship, forensics (handwriting analysis, fingerprint comparison, linguistics, etc.), and scientific (dna analysis, x-ray, IR photography, thermoluminescence, pigment analysis, etc.).



Once we have resolved the question of the authenticity of their art, many of our clients wish to know the value of it. Wunderly 's appraisers can determine the monetary value of your art, both informally (estimate of value) and formally (3 illustrated and bound reports with comparables). All of our appraisers are USPAP-certified.


Art brokerage

Wunderly offers art brokerage services for select paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and bronzes. We work with art owners, institutions and collectors to complete successful and discreet art sales around the world. We strive to make selling art easy and profitable. Wunderly also offers art advisement and collection development services for interested clientele.

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